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Preliminary Field Day 2017 Results
posted 7/24/2017
Call    Score   Class QSOs Mult GOTA    Sec    #    Club
AC1L    3934    2A    974  2    KB1MSU  WMA    23   Franklin Co ARC 
     QSOs: HF c.w. 618, phone: 356 (HF: 243, GOTA: 79, VHF: 34)
     QSO points: 3184, bonus points: 750, total: 3934 (Submitted entry is here). 
Summaries of all FCARC Field Day scores since 2016 can be seen here.


Summer 2017: Volunteer Opportunities
posted 7/21/2017

Volunteers are needed for: Greenfield Triathlon, Sunday August 6; Bridge of Flowers 10K, Saturday August 12; Deerfield Dirt Road Randonee, Saturday August 19. To volunteer contact Al, N1AW (e-mail: n1aw@arrl.net)

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Amateur Radio License Class at GCC
posted 7/21/2017

Members of the Franklin County Amateur Radio Club will present an amateur radio license class at Greenfield Community College in October. There will be four 6 to 9 p.m. evening sessions, Tuesdays and Thursdays, October 10, 12, 17, and 19, followed by a 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday session October 21st. The Saturday session will be a review, followed by an opportunity to take the test for a Technician Class Amateur Radio License.

The official description of the class can be seen on the GCC Lifelong Learning Web Page. Please note, the classes are free, the $15 charge mentioned on the website is the fee for taking the license test.


July-August 2017 FCARC Communicator
posted 7/12/2017

We publish only one issue of the FCARC Communicator during the summer months. The July - August 2017 issue should be in your e-mailbox now. If you get it via US Mail look for it soon. You can download it from the website at www.fcarc.org/communicator/comm201707.pdf.


Leyden Repeater Lightning Damage
updated 7/12/2017

On June 19 There was lightning damage at the FCARC Leyden (Frizzell Hill) repeater site. The Leyden repeater is now back on the air on 146.985 MHz using one of the new Yaesu DR-1X repeaters we previously had operating at 448.875 MHz on Rocky Mountain in Greenfield. The power is a little less, sophisticated control functions and synthesized voice announcements are not available, but it works.

For local coverage in Greenfield and Turners Falls we still have one repeater operating on 147.120 MHz at the Greenfield site. We still have not determined whether the lightning damage in Leyden affected the controller or the transmitter. There is more to be done this summer, including a new antenna in Leyden.


Summer 2017 Coming Events
posted 7/12/2017

FCARC Events, July 2017

  • Saturday July 15: Club Breakfast, 8 a.m. at Denny's. Note, no Emergency Communications Group meeting this month.
  • Monday July 17: E-Board meeting, 7 p.m.: GCC Hammond Studio

FCARC Events, August 2017. Because of Saturday public service events this month, the breakfast and the emergency group meeting will be on the first Saturday.

  • Saturday August 5: Club Breakfast, 8 a.m.: Denny's; Emergency Communications Group 10 a.m: GCC Hammond Studio
  • Sunday August 6: Public Service: Greenfield Triathlon at Greenfield Swimming Pool, 7 a.m.
  • Saturday August 12: Public Service: Bridge of Flowers 10K Race Shelburne Falls, 7 a.m.
  • Saturday August 19: Public Service: Deerfield Dirt Road Randonee (D2R2) Deerfield to Vermont, all day
  • Monday August 21: E-Board meeting, GCC, 7 p.m.;
  • Monday August 28: Amateur Radio License Exams, Northfield Unitarian Church, 7 p.m.;

See the July-August newsletter for more details on August public service events.

Click here for directions and links to maps showing meeting locations.


Web Page Cleanup!!!
posted 3/1/2017

In order to make this page load faster the webmaster is removing many obsolete articles. Articles thought to be of continuing interest are saved to the News Archive page. But almost everything is backed up offline. Contact the webmaster if you are looking for information that has been removed. Also, note that the FCARC Communicator newsletter on-line archives go back more than 10 years.


Bill Boutwell N1EWK, SK
posted 3/1/2017

Willard R. "Bill" Boutwell, 85, of 18 Freeman Drive, died Monday November 28, 2016 at the Soldier's Home in Holyoke. Private services and inurnment following cremation took place at the Massachusetts Veteran's Memorial Cemetery, Agawam. Military honors were provided by the Elite Patriot Honor Guard of the USAF from Westover AFB, Chicopee.

Bill was a driving force of the FCARC. For many years he was trustee of the KB1BSS club license, and the primary maintainer of the club's repeaters. Much of our club history has been lost, but it is probable that Bill was responsible for configuring most of the retired commercial transceivers that served as our repeaters for many years. The Greenfield High School Radio Club, many members of the club, and our Field Day stations used antennas which he constructed. If spare parts or test instruments were needed for any purpose Bill probably could provide them. Bill maintained the trailer which was our mobile operating position for emergencies and Field Days.

Bill's wife Betty and his daughter Gail can be reached at gail_therrin@yahoo.com. Funeral arrangements were under the direction of the McCarthy Funeral Homes of Greenfield and Turners Falls, Guest book and condolence message are available at www.mccarthyfuneralhomes.com.

The webmaster regrets the delay in posting this information to the FCARC.org website. Bill's obituary was published in December in the FCARC Communicator and on the FCARC Facebook page.


Report: Montague Sawmill River 10K Road Race December 31st
posted 1/9/2017

Despite a late start in recruiting volunteers we had an adequate team for the Sawmill River 10K road race in Montague, on December 31st. Joe,KB1WVO, coordinated our effort, which was much appreciated by the Montague Recreation Department. There were no problems with weather (although it was cold) and no lost runners. The baked potato lunch was much appreciated by runners and volunteers.


Weekly Nets Reminder
posted 9/9/2016

The FCARC sponsors two weekly nets on the Leyden 146.985 MHz repeater. On Tuesdays at 9 p.m. the Emergency Net is a time for practicing formal net procedures and sharing information about emergency readiness. On Thursdays at 8 p.m. the Information Net is a less formal occasion for chatting about news and activities, just about anything of interest. For details, including schedules of net control operators, see the Net Listings page on the website.

On Sunday mornings the weekly Western Massachusetts Emergency Net meets on the Mt Tom 146.940 MHz repeater at 8:45 a.m. FCARC members are encouraged to check in. You can also check into a similar net on the Mt Greylock 146.910 repeater at 9:00 a.m.

Are you interested in practicing Morse Code? The Snail Net is a slow speed CW practice net which meets on the 80 meter band on or near 3.532 MHz on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. - more info can be found on the Snail Net page. Even if you have a Technician license you can operate CW on this part of the 80 meter band.

Club members with licenses allowing voice operation on the 75 meter band are also encouraged to check into the Sunday morning 75 meter net at 8:30 a.m.on 3.944 MHz. Checking into nets like this is a good way to become familiar with net procedures and to be assured that if an emergency occurs your equipment will be adequate.


FCARC on Facebook
posted 8/10/2015

The Franklin County Amateur Radio Club now has a Facebook Page!

N1AW says: I suggested this to the club a few times without getting an enthusiastic response. But Facebook is a good medium for many people who are used to being connected electronically at all times. The website and the Communicator will remain the main channels for club information. It is easy to communicate on Facebook. And any member who has information to share can post. Other ham clubs in our area, HCRA and MTARA, have both found it useful.

Thanks to Chet, N1XPT, who took the initiative to get the Facebook page started.


WRTC on NPR "Only A Game" - Available On-Line
posted 8/11/2014

Local broadcast of the NPR "Only A Game" program on WFCR comes on Saturdays from 7 to 8 a.m. Last week near the end of the program there was a 9 minute segment about WRTC, the World Radiosport Team Competition, the "Olympics of Amateur Radio." At that very time many FCARC members were busy getting ready for the Bridge of Flowers 10K in Shelburne Falls. If you missed it you can still catch it on line at http://onlyagame.wbur.org/2014/08/09/wrtc-radiosport-ham-radio.

You can listen to the audio, download it as an MP3 file, or read the transcript. This has got to be one of the best programs about amateur radio ever presented on national media.


Contest Operator Haiku
posted 03/28/2011
I'm hearing voices
They're all so soft and distant
but logged as five nine.
  -- Scott Andersen, NE1RD

(We don't normally steal items from the newsletter for the web page, but this one was irrestible.)


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