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Call Used:AC1L     GOTA Station Call:KB1MSU     ARRL/RAC Section:WMA     Class:2A

Participants:33     Club/Group Name: Franklin County Amateur Radio Club

Power Source(s): Generator, Battery, Solar

Power Multiplier: 2X

Bonus Points:
100% Emergency power200
Media Publicity 100
Set-up in Public Place 100
NTS message to ARRL SM/SEC 100
Natural power QSOs completed 100
Youth participation
  Youth operators=7
  Youth participants=7
GOTA Bonus 20
Submitted via the Web 50
Total Bonus Points770

Score Summary:
Total QSOs7720326 
Total Points154403261870  Claimed Score = 3,740

Submitted by:
Albert Woodhull, N1AW
199 Eden Trail
Leyden MA 01337-9580
E-mail: aswoodhull@yahoo.com

Submitted by Vice President of Franklin County Amateur Radio Club, N1AW Keith Rowley Sr KU1N operated GOTA as an inactive amateur, not on the air for many months. He also acted as control op for his son Devin and grandson Keith KC1BZB. Update: after close look at rules we decided our educational activity did not qualify.

Band/Mode QSO Breakdown:
  QSOs Pwr(W) QSOs Pwr(W) QSOs Pwr(W)
40m205100  229100
20m367100  69100
6m    1050
GOTA2850  1850
Total772 0 326 

GOTA Bonus: No GOTA Coach
Name/CallQSOsBonus Points
Jeanne Dodge, (NONE)20
Tyson LaBombard, (NONE)20
Cody LaBombard, (NONE)10
Sam Knight, (NONE)10
Scott Duffus, KB1BZC10
Will Borcy, (NONE)40
Keith Rowley (Sr), KU1N2920
Devin Rowley, (NONE)50
Keith Rowley, KC1BZB10

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