KB1BSS Repeater Coverage Maps

SPLAT is a program for analyzing radio propagation over real terrain. The SPLAT program uses an extensive database of terrain data from the US Geological Survey. Give it a location anywhere in the US and it will generate a map showing potential signal strength in all directions from a transmitter site. SPLAT is a Linux program, but W5GFE operates a SPLAT server. This is a website that provides a web interface to SPLAT that allows anyone with net access to generate these maps over the net, whether your home computer uses Windows, MacOS, Linux, or any other operating system. The W5GFE SPLAT server web page is at http://splat.ecok.edu/ (URL updated 5/18/2005).

Location data for the KB1BSS 2 meter and 440 Mhz repeaters has been entered into W5FGE's database. Coverage maps for the FCARC repeaters are available here.

(Warning, these are big images. To make them a bit more manageable on the website the original images from the SPLAT server have been cropped.)

KB1BSS 2 meter repeater coverage

[2m map]


KB1BSS 440 MHz repeater coverage

[440 map]



The W5FGE server allows you to enter data for your own station and generate maps similar to those posted here. You can also generate line-of-site accessibility maps for any site.

More information on SPLAT and the W5GFE SPLAT server can be found in the March 7, 2008 "Surfin'" column on the ARRL website, written by Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU. The article can be seen here.

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