FCARC Repeater Net Listings
Updated April 1, 2018


Currently two weekly nets are held on the KB1BSS 146.985 Mhz repeater.

The weekly Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) net is not an FCARC club activity, but the FCARC makes its repeater available for this net. The KB1BSS repeater has been determined by the State of Massachusetts and the ARRL to be the best repeater to serve the 2-Meter communications needs for ARES, RACES and Skywarn in Franklin County, MA, due to its location and coverage. Note, Tuesday net time is now 8 p.m.

Net Control Volunteers Needed

If you would like to take a turn as Net Control Station (NCS) for the ARES net, contact Chris Myers, KB1NEK, net manager, at 413-625-0344, or by e-mail, camyers_1@verizon.net.

The weekly FCARC information net, held each Thursday, is less formal and is intended to be an occasion for club members to keep in touch with each other on the air. If you would like to take a turn as Net Control Station (NCS) for the Info net, contact Al, N1AW, net manager, at 413-773-3522, or by e-mail, aswoodhull@yahoo.com


ARES 2-Meter Net Tuesday Night at 8.00 pm on the KB1BSS repeater, 146.985 MHz – offset with PL 136.5

April 2018 May 2018 June 2018
Tues 3  Joe, KB1WVO Tues 1  Joe, KB1WVO Tues 5  Cathy, KB1SNA
Tues 10  Cathy, KB1SNA Tues 8 Cathy, KB1SNA Tues 12 Chris, KB1NEK
Tues 17 Chris, KB1NEK Tues 15 Chris, KB1NEK Tues 19 Belle, KB1NOG
Tues 24 Belle, KB1NOG Tues 22 Belle, KB1NOG Tues 26 Joe, KB1WVO
  Tues 29 Joe, KB1WVO  


FCARC Informational 2-Meter Net Thursday night at 8.00 pm on the KB1BSS repeater 146.985 MHz – offset with PL 136.5

April 2018 May 2018 June 2018
Thur 5  Ron, K8HSF Thur 3  Richard, KB1NOX Thur 7  Richard, KB1NOX
Thur 12 Chris, KB1NEK Thur 10  Ron, K8HSF Thur 14  Ron, K8HSF
Thur 19 Carter, WA1TVS Thur 17 Chris, KB1NEK Thur 21 Chris, KB1NEK
Thur 26 Al, N1AW Thur 24 Carter, WA1TVS Thur 28 Carter, WA1TVS
  Thur 31 Al, N1AW  


RACES Net First Monday of the Month at 6.45 pm on the 75m band, or 2nd Monday if 1st Monday is a holiday. Look for the net control station at 3.930 MHz. If net control did not find that frequency free the net will be called higher in the band, up to 3.955. Tune up to find the frequency being used this month.

April 2018 May 2018 June 2018
Mon 2   RACES Mon 7   RACES Mon 4   RACES


Is it your turn to be net control? Nervous about the procedure?
Click here for the Western Mass Emergency Net preamble and template.
Click here for the FCARC Information Net preamble and template.


The Snail Net itself is not conducted on the repeater, it is a slow speed CW practice net on the 80 meter band at 8 p.m. on Sundays and Wednesdays. But a few minutes before the Snail Net begins the net control station will make an announcement on the KB1BSS 2 meter repeater, and after the conclusion of the Snail Net the participants usually continue with an informal discussion on the repeater. Anyone is welcome to join.
For general information about the Snail Net click here, and for details of the Snail Net protocol click here.

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